The Napalm Brothers

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Three marines survive the meat grinder known as Vietnam. Duane is murdered, and it’s up to his “brothers from another mother”, Coop and Paco, to uncover the truth.

This sets the stage to a fast-paced romp through the Midwest with Coop, Paco and Duane’s sister, Angel. Will they find Duane’s killer or die trying?

The Napalm Brothers Issue #3 –
The Outlaw DB Cooper

by Sixth Scale Combat and Fanatic Comics.

This third installment of The Napalm Brothers concludes the current story arc in an action packed, dystopian and psychedelic finale. The artist/writer Sixth draws inspiration from underground comics of the 1960s, Grindhouse movies and a dash of Latin street culture to bring us a contemporary story about war veterans, brotherhood and the age old clash between good and evil.

The Napalm Brothers Omnibus Volume 1