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Keto Thanksgiving Prep – Final Day

Not much prep left. Today I’ll just double check that I have everything I need for tomorrow. I harvested thyme & sage from the garden about a week ago, just ahead of a frost. I brought my rosemary into the basement, and it seems to be doing fine inside. We do nothing different

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Keto Thanksgiving Prep – Day 3-4

This weekend my prep comprised taking out the turkey so it will thaw by Thursday. That may not seem like much, but this also included rearranging the fridge so it would fit. I also made a Keto friendly pumpkin pie. I really didn’t need to make one so early, other than the fact that we

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Keto Thanksgiving Prep – Day 2

Today I made a cream of mushroom++ soup for our green bean casserole. We basically use the regular green bean casserole recipe we’ve always used… A can of cream of mushroom soup, a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, three cans of cut green beans, a dash of black pepper, and instead of

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Keto Thanksgiving Prep – Day 1

On November 18th, I started prep for our 2nd Keto Thanksgiving. 1st Step – breadcrumbs for stuffing. Last year I tried multiple keto bread recipes, but this year Aldi carries no carb bread by L’oven Fresh. So I’m using that this year to make things easier. Here’s the

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OFFWORLDER hits 50%!

We hit 50% funding this morning! So exciting. But we need your help to keep the momentum going. Please share the campaign with your friends and family. They might be interested in backing OFFWORLDER too. OFFWORLDER on Kickstarter


OFFWORLDER Issue #1 by Mike Baron & Jordi Armengollaunches at Noon on Kickstarter12 pm CDT  (5 pm UDT) We have some 24 hour specials that you don’t want to miss out on.  We have 4 reward tiers that are discounted in price, three are limited in quantity. We are also

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OFFWORLDER Coming August 24, 2020

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Ravage: Kill All Men! Redux Issue 1 update

We have some copies left over, and some prints and bookmarks. If you missed it on Kickstarter, keep an eye out for it on Indiegogo. Will go live later this week.

Packaging in Progress

Packaging continues. We should have everything done to send out Friday or Saturday.

Ravage Books and all extras ordered

Books, bookmarks, stickers, prints & coasters have been ordered and started printing. We already have confirmation that the stickers, coasters & prints are done and heading our way!

Second chance on Etsy

We’ve put the Ravage: Kill All Men! Redux Cover A up on our Etsy shop if you missed the Kickstarter campaign. There’s still time to make sure you get a copy! But don’t wait too long. Once Kickstarter deposits the funds, we’ll be sending the order to the print shop, and

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Ravage: Kill all men! FUNDED!

Thanks to you, we are fully funded! And it happened in less than 36 hours. Currently we are only $56 from our first stretch goal. At $800 all physical rewards will include a sticker and bookmark. Bookmark Sticker by Patrick Thomas Parnell

Ravage: Kill All Men #1 Redux

We’re getting ready to launch Ravage: Kill All Men #1 Redux on Kickstarter. We’re going to have a brand new cover for the Fanatic Comics Redux version. We’ll also have a t-shirt, sticker and bookmark. We may have a couple prints available. Please let us know if there’s

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Unfortunately, we did no meet the funding goal for OFFWORLDER Volume 1. However, we are still committed to getting this story created and in your hands. We are going to be reviewing the campaign and determining how best to proceed. We would like to thank everyone who supported the campaign

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Sidekick says HELLO!

Hey everyone, it’s Sidekick.  Just wanted to drop a quick note to say hi, and welcome to our blog.  Going to touch on a little bit of everything here, and we’ll of course let you know what we have up-coming from Fanatic Comics. In April, we will be launching Ravage: Kill all men!

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