Reviews for OFFWORLDER Issue #1

Reviews for OFFWORLDER Issue #1


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Jim Krueger:

“Offworlder is a reminder of just how great Mike Baron is, and ever was, at creating mythic heroes and forging the roads to new worlds. This is classic sword and sandals heroism up until the point it becomes sci-fi in all the best of ways. I loved it. Nexus has long been my favorite Mike Baron creation. I’m so glad that I can add another one. Don’t miss it.”

About Jim Krueger:
Jim Krueger is an award-winning filmmaker, video game developer and Eisner award winning & New York Times best-selling comic book author.

Jerry Novick:

Can One Comic Book Have So Much Awesomeness? Yes!
I am mainly a superhero comic book reader, but I am down for anything that writer Mike Baron is involved in – so I had to give Offworlder a look. And boy, am I happy that I did! It’s as if Baron and series creator Ben Henderson reached into my brain and found everything else other than superheroes that could catch my interest.

History? Yes!
Hulking warriors with battleaxes? Yeah, I’m a fan of battleaxes over swords!
Aliens? Sure thing!
A bit of mystery and a dash of a love story? In just the right amounts.

But what makes Offworlder more than a mish-mash of genres is how Mike Baron infuses the characters with life. You care what happens to these people (well, the good guys – the bad guys you want to see beheaded in battle). Plus, Mike Baron knows when less is more when it comes to dialogue. The characters in Offworlder speak how you would expect them to in real life. Flowery if appropriate, but more likely in short staccato tones that demand attention and move things along at a fevered pace.

And then there is the art! Jordi Armengol knows how to tell a story! Forget the pin-ups that litter most of today’s comics – this is sequential art that only a true storyteller can draft. And while the drawings themselves are great, it is Armengol’s color work that takes Offworlder to greater heights. There are depth and mood here that would make a Hollywood Director of Photography jealous. The work has an atmosphere that is at once eye-catching as it is moody.

Offworlder is a must-read – no matter what genre of story you are looking for.

About Jerry Novick:
Jerry Novick has written nearly every type of thing there is to write over the past 3 decades, including comic books, novels, short stories, advertising in every medium, and marketing collateral. He’s been trusted with characters from DC Comics, Marvel, and Disney, as well as some brand name products you might even have around your home.
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Kevin Matthews:

Offworlder #1 is the first issue of this star-spanning science fiction comic book saga by writer Mike Baron and artist Jordi Armengol. Imagine Edgar Rice Burroughs (John Carter, Tarzan et al) pulp scifi concepts melded with the brutal barbaric sensibility of Robert E. Howard’s Conan books…
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