Unfortunately, we did no meet the funding goal for OFFWORLDER Volume 1. However, we are still committed to getting this story created and in your hands. We are going to be reviewing the campaign and determining how best to proceed.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the campaign by backing and/or helping us spread the word. We hope you will all continue to stay with us as we more forward. And of course, to support the project when we re-launch the campaign!

Sidekick says HELLO!

Hey everyone, it’s Sidekick.  Just wanted to drop a quick note to say hi, and welcome to our blog.  Going to touch on a little bit of everything here, and we’ll of course let you know what we have up-coming from Fanatic Comics.

In April, we will be launching Ravage: Kill all men! Redux Issue 1 By Chuck Dixon on Kickstarter.

Ravage Kill All Men Redux

Once OFFWORLDER finishes, we’ll also be launching it on Indiegogo.